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Tales From The War : Author's Notes and Timeline

Tales from the War is going to be an odd series, I warn you now.

It's an idea I've had rattling around in my brain for some time now, for a background against which to set a number of interesting vigettes or scenes. Taking the simple premise of 'What if the Scoobies had failed to save Dawn?' and extrapolating it further into a truly massive number of possible crossovers.

The basic structure will always be a short 500-1000 word ficlet, featuring one character or a group's limited knowledge of what's happening, as they struggle to come to terms with the fact that the world has changed around them. Anyone can show up at any time.

I have an idea of where the main story thrust is going, and I know the fates of most people, but don't expect me to give that all away to start with. *grins* The first four ficlets will be posted daily this week, and hopefully should give an indication of where I'm going with this. Hopefully.

I'll be fascinated to hear your thoughts.

Tales From the War : Timeline and Index

22nd May 2001 – Dawn sacrificed. (Buffy series 5, episode 22 - "The Gift")
22nd May 2001 - Roma
23rd May 2001 – The Vortex first appears on various different earths. Other portals between the different worlds start opening up, some short lived and temporary with random destinations, others stronger and more fixed.
23rd May 2001 - General Hammond

20th May 2003 - Anita Blake

11th October 2003 - Rose Tyler

Angel - up to halfway through "Theres No Place Like Plrtz Glrb".
Anita Blake - Up to and including Obsidan Butterfly.
Buffy - Up to the end of season 5.
Doctor Who - After "The Christmas Invasion".
Stargate SG-1 - To the end of season 4.

Parallel Earths glossary
Earth-G - Stargate SG-1 and characters from SG: Atlantis.
Earth-H - aka the Buffyverse.
Earth-L - Home of Anita Blake.
Earth-U - The Doctor Who 'verse.
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