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Tales From The War : General Hammond

On the 22nd May 2001 a young girl named Dawn Summers was sacrificed in a mystic ritual on a tower in Sunnydale, California. The ensuing collapse of dimensional barriers led to various parallel earths bleeding into each other. The forces of darkness across many worlds took full advantage of the chaos and confusion, invading whole realities at a time.

Worlds fought back. Lines were drawn.

The War began.

23rd May 2001

His name is General Hammond, and he was there when it all began.

"Major Carter!" he snapped out as he entered the SG Command centre, "What in god’s name is going on here?"

"I have absolutely no idea, sir," Carter said, barely looking up from operating the Stargate control systems, her fingers flying over the keyboard. Beside her, Master Sgt Siler cursed loudly and recoiled from his panel as a large electrical spark jumped towards him. Behind her, through the plexi-glass window, a strange greenish tinged energy played over the Stargate.

"Some sort of energy similar to that of the Stargate appears to be interfering in some way with the operation of the gate, sir,” Carter managed to explain over the sound of the warning sirens. “It reminds me of the wavelengths that the quantum mirror gave off in tests, but I can’t see why that would affect the gate now and not before, sir.”

Colonel Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson entered in a hurry. “No good, Sam,” panted Daniel, “Whatever’s happening, it’s nothing to do with the mirror at all. No sign of activity or energy with it.”

“In short, it’s dead as a dodo sir,” observed O’Neill.

Sgt Harriman hung up the phone, conferred quickly with another tech and approached General Hammond cautiously. “Sir?” he enquired.

Without taking his eyes off Carter and Siler’s work at the consoles, Hammond grunted “What is it, Walter?”

“There’s an um… situation in California sir,” Sgt Harriman said, flicking through his notes carefully. “The NSA wishes to enquire whether it’s anything to do with us.”

General Hammond’s brow furrowed, and he swung round to stare at his subordinate. “Situation, Sgt? What sort of situation precisely?”

Walter swallowed. “A seven mile high non-moving tornado composed of some strange kind of green energy, sir. Which appears to have given birth to a dragon.”

Hammond blinked. Daniel Jackson decided now was a good time to clean his glasses. Jack O’Neill unabashedly stared.

Walter glanced back at his notes. “And it’s um… all live on CNN at the moment.”

“Sgt!” exploded Hammond, “This is not the time or place for jokes like this!”

“Sir?” said a tech behind them. Turning, they could see a television hastily tuned into CNN. “Yeah,” said O’Neill slowly, “That’s a dragon all right, sir. I’ll just go break the flameproof uniforms out of storage. With your permission, of course.”

“What in heaven’s name is going on?” demanded General Hammond.

In the gateroom behind him, the activated Stargate’s energies imploded in on themselves, and all the consoles blew. Sgt Siler was sent reeling backwards across the floor.

A white, shadowy presence seemed to slowly fade into existence in the gateroom. Before them, floating in the air appeared to be a woman gazing down at them with a strange mixed expression of pity and worry. “Oma Desala…” whispered Daniel.

“It is not usual for us to take any form of direct action,” she said slowly and sadly, “but the situation that has arisen compels us to act for the good of the universe. From this moment onwards, Earth has been set free from the Stargate network. Indeed, to keep this… this collapse from spreading any further, your solar system itself has been sealed off from the outer universe.”

“Dr Jackson!” snapped Hammond, “Can this woman do that?”

Oma bowed her head. “In this matter, I speak for all the Ancients as you term them. Be grateful we did not simply cause your sun to implode.”

Samantha Carter blanched. “We regret this immensely,” Oma continued, “But for the sake of the universe, this must be done quickly before the Vortex can spread beyond your planet. Farewell – we will not speak again.”

And with that, her form faded away until no traces could be seen.

The silence was broken by General Hammond. “Very well!” he snapped, “We appear to have several problems right now. Major Carter, Sgt Siler – get the Stargate up and running again. I don’t care what that woman said – try everything.”

He turned to Daniel. “Dr Jackson, you are coming with me to brief the President on everything you can remember about the Ancients and your previous encounter with Oma Desala. And you can also tell me everything you know about whatever kind of vortex she mentioned.”

Daniel nodded and pushed his glasses up a little further up his nose. "Extraordinary..." he said quietly, "To think that we were so close to the creators of the Stargate, and yet so far..."

General Hammond turned to O’Neill. Jack raised his hands up in protest. "Whoa! Don’t say what I think you’re gonna say, General."

"Colonel O’Neill," said General Hammond, "Bring me that dragon."

Jack closed his eyes in pain. "He said it."

“Sir!” said a distraught Carter, “If she’s right…. Then the SG teams offworld are marooned where they are. That includes Teal’c, sir.”

Hammond paused for a moment, hurt and pain clearly written across his face. “Then you had better get started on those repairs, Major Carter,” he said eventually, and exited.

Jack caught Sam’s eye. “We’ll get him back, I promise. We’ve got out of worse before.” Sam nodded, stood herself up straighter and took a deep breath.

Taking the notepad from Sgt Harriman, Jack flicked through the notes scrawled down. "I’ll see you after I get done playing St George in wherever Sunnydale Flats is."

Author’s Notes and Timeline
Tags: fic, stargate, tales from the war

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