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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]

February 23rd, 2006 (11:38 am)

current mood: tired

Having one of those mornings where there's nothing you want to do more than crawl back inside your bed and go to sleep. Stupid work thing.


Posted by: uninvitedCat (uninvitedcat)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2006 04:43 am (UTC)

I sympathise. :crawls back under desk:

Posted by: The Tart In The Tiara (ink_addict)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2006 05:24 am (UTC)

I'm sorry. I feel that way too this morning. *mututal hugs*

Posted by: 4thdixiechick (4thdixiechick)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2006 05:53 am (UTC)
cowboy boots

Don't you hate being a grownup sometimes?

[sends you chocolate to help you get through the day]

Posted by: Spectacularly Adequate Empress (empressvesica)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2006 06:19 am (UTC)


*inner Faith smirks*

*outer Ves smacks inner Faith and tries to look innocent*

Posted by: echo (spankerella)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2006 11:44 am (UTC)

Yes. Recently, in fact. I gave in and called in to work however. Though that might have had something to do with the fact that I could not stop crying and was sobbing so hard that I could barely speak. I didn't think they'd want that up at work.

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