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One Sentence Fic Meme results

Thought it would make more sense to have one post where I put all the One Sentence Fic Meme replies into. The request thread is still HERE if you want more.

1. DC Comics - Batman/Wonder Woman, cheesecake.
Listening to the sounds of sheer delight coming from Diana as she eagerly devoured the strawberry cheesecake, Batman idly revised his internal emergency-take-down-the-JLA plans.

2. Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck/Apollo, fighting.
She lived for those moments when he got that look in his eyes; when he wasn't over-thinking things; when he was so involved in their arguements that he was pure Apollo and not Lee Adama.

3. Buffyverse - Dawn/Connor, falling.
It had to be some sort of unconscious natural instinct Connor supposed sourly, as yet again Dawn managed to halt her fall down a slope by landing on him.

4. Doctor Who - Jack/Rose, Titanium.
Jack was always there for her when they were in trouble yet again, as solid and reliable (and as shiny occasionally) as a Titanium Tardis.

5. Buffyverse - Xander/Cordy, chunky peanut butter.
You take the rough with the smooth in any relationship, Cordy desperately reminded herself through gritted teeth, as Xander frantically tried to apologise for somehow managing to smear his PB and J sandwich down her brand new dress.

6. Buffyverse and Pirates of the Caribbean - Buffy/Captain Jack, surprises.
Captain Jack's eyebrows rose and his eyes widened in that stunned, just been hit over the head with an albatross way of his, as he realised just what Buffy had meant by 'completely shaved'.

7. Firefly - Simon/Kaylee, wonder.
As Simon's fingers trailed across her body, he marveled at each and every scar, every mark a tale of a world so different from his; a world he had every intention of exploring fully now.

8. X-Men - Wolverine and Cyclops, pansies.
Five broken bones, two dislocated ribs and one wrecked motorbike later, Sam "Wildboar" Testave decided though the red haze of pain that perhaps he really, really shouldn't have implied that the way those two leather jacketed strangers were arguing with each other was as a result of extreme sexual tension between them.

9. Buffyverse and Harry Potter - Faith and Pansy Parkinson, school uniform malfunction.
Until Faith had arrived at Hogwarts and taken Pansy under her wing, Draco, and indeed most of the male population, hadn't been aware that dress robes were even capable of being that low-cut.

10. Buffyverse and Doctor Who - Buffy/Jack, surprises.
"Okay," said Buffy, rubbing her nose and glaring at Jack, "Maybe you do have an invisible spaceship after all."

11. Titanic - Jack/Rose, Titanium.
As Jack found himself sinking deeper and deeper into the Atlantic, he had time to bitterly regret his choice of a Titanium keepsake from the Titanic.

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