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Infinite Crisis reading order

I'm planning to introduce a friend of mine to the big Infinite Crisis mega-crossover very shortly. He's only an occasional comic reader but enjoys them, so I've been trying to work out a decent reading order for him.

Using all the trades I have already, I'm starting him off with
Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths - Collecting Crisis on Infinite Earths 1-12.

The lead-up
Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death And Return Of Donna Troy Tpb
* Just the Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1-3 and Titans/Outsiders Secret Files #1 parts.
Identity Crisis HC
Green Lantern: Rebirth HC
Teen Titans: The Future is Now Tpb
* issues 15-23, including the Identity Crisis fallout and the return of Dr Light.
Adam Strange: Planet Heist Tpb
* (setup for Rann-Than War).
Prelude to Infinite Crisis Tpb
* Collects Superman Secret Files 2004, Flash 291 and Wonder Woman 214 completely, as well as segments from Action Comics 826, Breach 3, Superman 216, Adventures of Superman 630, 638, Superman/Batman 6, Green Lantern: Rebirth 4, Wonder Woman 215, Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, Teen Titans 18-19, 21, 23, JSA 58, 70, 72, Robin 135, Outsiders 21-22, Manhunter 6, Aquaman 29, Birds of Prey 80, Adam Strange 8).

The build-up
Countdown To Infinite Crisis one-shot.
The OMAC Project #1-3
The Insiders
* Teen Titans 24 and 25, Outsiders 24 and 25
Superman: Sacrifice Tpb
* issues Superman #218-220, Adventures of Superman #642-643, Action Comics #829 and Wonder Woman #219-220.
JSA 76
The OMAC Project #4-6.
Day of Vengeance Tpb
Villains United Tpb
* Firestorm 17 (Villains United fallout).
Rann-Thanagar War #1-6.
Return of Donna Troy #1-4.
JLA #115-119 (Crisis of Conscience).
Adventures of Superman 644 (Zatanna appears after Crisis of Confidence)
Outsiders 29-30 (After the sins are free, but pre-IC 1)
JLA 122-123 (Donna Troy recruits Supergirl and Red Tornado for her expedition)
Wonder Woman 222 (Donna and Supergirl ask Wonder Woman, but are turned down)
Superman 223 (Supergirl tells Superman that she's off to join Donna)
Teen Titans 29 (Donna recruits Cyborg)
Adventures of Superman 645 (direct lead-in to IC 1)

Actual Infinite Crisis reading order

Infinite Crisis #1
* Firstorm 19 (Joining Donna's expedition)
* Superman 224 (Battlesuit Luthor draws closer to the other Luthor)
* Gotham Central 37 (Fall of the Rock of Eternity aftermath)
* Wonder Woman 223
* JSA Classified 1-4 (Power Girl's origin, leading into IC 2)
Infinite Crisis #2
* Firestorm 20 (interlude on the way, set before Outsiders 31)
* Wonder Woman 224
* Superman 225 (Supergirl page is set before they arrive in IC 3)
* Outsiders 31-32 (Outsiders v Blackfire)
Infinite Crisis #3
* JSA 82 (Power Girl and the notebook from IC 3)
* Aquaman 37-38 (Atlantis aftermath)
* Wonder Woman 225 (Paradise Island aftermath)
* Day Of Vengeance Special
Infinite Crisis #4
* Adventure of Superman 648 (Bludhaven aftermath)
* Nightwing 116 (Bludhaven aftermath)
* Teen Titans 32 (other side of Superboy battle)
* Robin 146-147 (Superboy battle aftermath)
* Firestorm 21-22
* Rann - Thanagar War Special
Infinite Crisis #5
* Superman 226, Action 836 (Superman v Superman fight)

Unknown at moment
* Outsiders 33
* Nightwing 117

Now, I'm bound to have missed some out or misplaced some, so feel free to point them out and/or where they should go instead. Thanks!
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