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25 sentences meme

As gacked from larinzia, who gacked it from empressvesica:

1. My ex was ... Lively and busy, and fun to be with.
2. Maybe I should ... do the washing up.
3. I love ... being drawn into a good story.
4. I don't understand ... why more people don't use a beta-reader.
5. I lost my... way.
6. People would say that I'm ... funny.
7. Love is ... caring more for what the other wants/needs than yourself.
8. Somewhere, someone is ... in need of a hug.
9. I will always ... remember last year with fond memories.
10. Forever is ... a very long time.
11. I never want to ... feel like that again.
12. I think the current President... will never answer some questions.
13. When I wake up in the morning ... I go 'Holy crap, is that the time?!?'
14. Life is full of ... incredible people out there. It's the reaching out and offer part of yourself up that's hard.
15. My past is incredibly ... sucky when I look back.
16. I get annoyed when ... I turn up on time and other people are consistantly late.
17. Parties are for... other people. I prefer chatting happily in the kitchen.
18. I wish ... my Dad will be okay.
19. My dog is ... going to have to be pretty special to get me over those dog bites when I was growing up.
20. My cat ... is much more likely to happen.
21. Kisses are the worst when ... they're fake and insincere.
22. Tomorrow I'm going to ... go back to work and hate it all over again.
23. I really want ... a better job. And/or better people to work with.
24. I have low tolerance for people who ... can't see how their actions impact on other people.
25. If I had a million dollars ... I'd be checking out the conversion rate ASAP.

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