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The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, part 2

well, still not entirely sure where I'm going, but here's another part :

She checks the body carefully one more time. She's not that much of an expert, but she's sure that he's been dead a few hours now. And that he didn't die when the sword went through him. What sort of person could do that?

She wants the sword. But it's deep within the monk and the altar now. And it's wrong.

She checks herself. Not even a stake on her, just what she threw on after leaving Riley as soon as he fell asleep. All she can hear around her is the crackle of the torches on the walls, and the rustle of her clothes as she moves around.

It's dark (it always is). She's alone (as ever). And she has no idea which way to go (not much changes). All she has is the ruined photo and herself.

She turns her back on the body and starts walking forward towards the distant end of the cavern, because she has no better idea. Her footsteps resound back off the walls, breaking the silence around her. She shivers, and sweeps her blonde locks back, so she can see better.

The torch behind her goes out.

In other news, Mandy's out of the hospital and back home now. Cough better, though I understand the voice isn't brilliant. Ah... the troubles of using antibiotics on pregnant women.

I'm off to do overtime at work now. On a Sunday. Someone want to remind me why I agreed to this? What's that, Skip? It'll pay for my new Firefly DVD box set? Hmmm..Okay! And hopefully when I get back, a bit on Neighbours From Hell(mouth) - I sorta promised Laney that I'd get both Jack O'Neills, Sam and Xander into drCENSOREDs.

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