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Over the past months, I've been having a bit of a running battle with over my Veronica Mars season one dvd boxset. Start of January, they actually sent one out, which promptly disappeared in the mail. *head-desk* Having to wait another 14 days before I could complain again, and say Oi! was not amusing. Anyhow, the upshot was that they sent out a replacement last week, which (Shock!) actually turned up this morning.

Just one small problem - there's a small hole punched into the box through the wrapper near the top left corner. Without opening it, I can tell that it's through the outer box and into the inner box as well. Considering all the problems so far....

So, now what?

Complain about it.... AGAIN
Take what I've got, considering all the trouble so far
Who cares?! Just watch it!
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