September 7th, 2010

Head-desky [lurker32]

Terror Nova prologue (buffyverse/NCIS)

So, I promised tigerlily0484 yesterday that I was going to try and write her a Buffyverse/NCIS crossover over the next few weeks, one part a day. This may well be insane. Or, conversely, what I need to bat my writing skills/attitude into shape, given that I seem to work best under horrible deadlines.

So, what'll be turning up each day will be totally unbeta-ed, probably full of horrible errors and certainly not posted anywhere else until I've had a chance to edit it all over again when I've finished. I have the basic plot and ending all figured out, through no idea of the actual route I'll be taking. *weak grin*

So, be warned.

So, I really like using 'So' to start paragraphs, don't I? *vague worry*

Anyhow, digression. Today is the prologue, featuring the NCIS characters only (and the first time I've written them seriously).

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