August 14th, 2010

Booster Dreams

Drabble query

So, started off trying to do another drabble for the Surnames Dawn Never Had series. Failed somewhat, as the version I now have is 300 words long.

Now, I've done actual parts of that series before which have been 200 words long (Dawn Piggy or Dawn Strange for example) before which I've referred to as double drabbles, but at what point do they stop being drabbles and become ficlets? I noticed wicked_awards defines drabbles as 100-600 words for one.

So, it's POLL TIME!!!

Poll #1605629 Drabble poll

How long should a drabble be?

100 words precisely (Purist)
200 words (Realist)
500 words (Stretching it)
600 words (Pushing it)
What's a drabble?

PS - given that even my drabbles are over-running, I guess the whole Writer's Block thing may well be in temporary absence. Blame wildecate's talk.

PPS - Yes, I will post that 300 word Dawn Watson (Sherlock crossover) later, whatever the poll results. I'm just very curious as to whether I should include it in the overall series or not.