April 6th, 2010

Snoopy Magneto

Moff tiem thoughts

Without spoiling anything (so far), I've been thinking and wondering about The Eleventh Hour on and off since transmission. Mainly about how Moffat wrote it.

I think it was a deliberate bridging episode between RTD's style of show and his. Quite a lot of it can be said to have been taken from previous RTD era episodes, but the way it was constructed and built was a lot more solider, with nothing being pulled out of a hat at the last minute for just one. Sorta a greatest hits montage almost, to reassure people that it's still the same show, that this is still the Doctor and his world, before going on to Moffat's version. Just as Matt Smith started out that ep in a very-Tennant way, slowly evolving into his own version, I think Moffat deliberately structured the ep the same way.

The full-on Moffat era starts next week. Geronimo indeed!

Extreme annoyance

I have absolutely no problem with the opening of a story in media res.

It's a classic story telling trope for the tale to start with our heroes in deep, deep fecal matter, and for you the reader, to have no idea a)how they got there, and b)how they're going to get out. It keeps the intrigue high, there's a certain amount of satisfaction as you continue reading on through the story and see everything dropping into place, and if you do the cliffhanger well, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats as you go.

Where I do have a problem is where the in media res chapter (complete with cliffhanger!) turns out eventually to be the last chapter of a story.

That the entire story has been building up to this point, that the climax of the story just before this turns out to have nothing at all to do with the in media res chapter, and that it's all going to be resolved (probably) in a brand new story. That pisses me off.

And to make matters worse, I'm not talking about a fic here. I'm talking about an actual published book. So pissed off. So very, very pissed off.