February 18th, 2010

HP Fucking serious

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Superhero Sex Education!

LONDON, Ont. — Health officials in this southwestern Ontario city hope a new video game, launched Thursday, will get teenagers learning about sex through the eyes of a superhero. The online game by the Middlesex London Health Unit gets a player to choose a character and answer true-or-false questions about sexual activity.

Players can either be a man wearing a condom on his head named Captain Condom; a virgin named Wonder Vag; a boy named Willy the Kid who believes size doesn't matter or Power Pap, a sexually active gal.

Each character will have to fight the game's super villain, the Sperminator, a muscular man wearing a red wrestling mask with penis arms, by correctly answering a number of questions. If they get an answer wrong, they'll get shot by sperm.

If a question is answered correctly, the character will be able to block the sperm with a condom.