February 14th, 2010

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Note to self : When thinking that a mate's wife who's currently laid up with serious back trouble would appreciate a Get Well Soon card is all very nice and kind and well meant, deciding to actually nip into town and purchase one on the thirteenth of February is just not thought out properly.
Dawn tilted

Things Dawn Isn’t Allowed To Do

Title: Things Dawn Isn’t Allowed To Do
Rating: 13
Setting: Post-“Chosen”.
Characters: Willow, Xander, Dawn
Word count: 306
Disclaimer: All Joss, all the time.
Summary: Even when bored, Dawn really should know better.

Author's Notes: Chapter added to the multi-writer round robin story List of Things Dawnie is Not Allowed to Do at Twisting The Hellmouth.

Willow stomped into Xander’s workshop, growling under her breath.

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AKA I finally wrote something this year!

Fic update time!

Finally managed to get off my butt and get another part of mine and moragmacpherson's Buffyverse/Who cliffhanger fic written and sent off to my poor victim co-writer.

Which reminded me to get around to updating it over at boosterific. Given that I just sent Part 20 off to her, I reeeeeeally shouldn't be only adding parts 9 and 10 to my personal archive. *slaps own wrist*

Old Friends, New Adventures, parts 9 and 10 (Buffy/Doctor Who cross, Ten, Dawn, rated 15).

(Part One, for those interested in catching up or just remembering what the hell was happening, can be found here.)