December 21st, 2009

Snoopy Magneto

My downfall

You know how in TV shows and movies, there's this cliche where you're looking through someone's POV and then all of a sudden the camera whirls quickly and then you're on the ground looking upwards? That cliche where you always go 'oh god, not this again'.

Actually, it does work like that in real life. One moment this morning I was looking straight ahead at the flats directly opposite, next moment oooo... clouds! Or in other words, that very very thin layer of snow that landed last night and looks just like slush is in fact pure ice. Ouch. Am alright though, only had the wind knocked out of me a little.

~ + ~

Just three days left at work now. Second class post should finally be dead now, but that just means first class is gonna go through the roof today instead. All those last minute cards written out over the weekend, all those 'how did I forget about X' presents....