June 20th, 2009

Head-desky [lurker32]

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I sometimes wonder about the people I work with. This is an actual conversation from earlier this week, with the names removed to avoid embarassing Helen too much.

H : Oh look, is this the new stamp thats just come out? Wonder what it is?
Me : It's a mermaid.
H : Oh? How can you tell?
Me: *raising eyebrow* It says so. On the stamp. There, at the bottom.
H: Oh yes, silly me. *starts takes out glasses* Wonder how they got that photo?
Me : ............
Me : ............
Me : ......It's not a photograph.
H : Oh? How can you tell?
Me : .....oh look, there's some work piling up for me over there.

~ + ~

And in other news, Together Again For The First Time, parts 7 and 8 (Ten, Dawn, rated 15, Buffyverse/Doctor Who cross) is up.