June 1st, 2009


It's baaaaaaack........

Remix Redux VII is a go!

Go over to remixredux09 for more info.

Sign-up form can be found here.

For those of you that haven't participated in it before, this is where someone gets to re-write one of your stories (ie remixes it) to show it from a different perspective or a different angle. And of course you get to do the same to some other poor sod writer. You get to choose which fandoms you can cope with, etc and write as much or as little as you feel able to (though there is a minimum 1000 word count to be fair).

It's great fun, and a marvelous way to stretch your writing muscles.

For example, last year I took doyle_sb4's wonderful Do I Dare Disturb the Universe and rewrote that as On the Care And Feeding Of Time Lords (La Gherardini Overdrive Remix).
Dawn tilted

boosterific updates

With remixredux09 sign-ups going on, it's reminded me to finally get off my butt and finish posting some of the stuff that's never gone into the archive yet. Only fair to offer my remixer the most possible options after all.

So, The Christmas Party from way back in 2005 has finally made its way there, with others to follow this week. Be warned. Or be afraid. One of the two should cover it.

~ + ~

This also brings up my latest co-written piece with moragmacpherson, which is currently appearing on Twisting the Hellmouth as Things to Do When the Universe Ends, featuring the Doctor traveling with Dawn (Yeah, trust me - it's that way around). We're writing it cliffhanger-style, which means that both of us are doing our damnest to stump the other with the end of each chapter.

Now, I'm wondering what the best way would be to archive it on boosterific. Currently, I'm leaning towards posting two parts at a time, having moragmacpherson's first chapter, followed in my same posting by my response.

Any thoughts?