December 25th, 2008

DW Tardis Love Shack

Christmas time means Doctor Who time

Merry Christmas to all, and to all I hope you've had a great time.

Just about 15 odd minutes to go before the new Doctor Who special airs, which I'm really looking forward to this year now. I've spent the last few hours totally engrossed in Russell T Davis's book The Writer's Tale. It's incredibly fascinating looking at the behind the scenes of most of season 4's scripts and the way Russell moves stuff around, changing and tweaking as he goes.

Rather interestingly they did take out the classic "what? Whaaat? WHAAAT?" moment from the end of season 4, because it didn't fit with the tone. Originally, it would have been two Cybermen sneaking up on the Doctor from behind him on the tardis.

Huggles for everyone, and a free mince pie as well.