December 4th, 2008

Oz expressions

Twilight of the pop-culture geeks

Whilst quickly passing through ASDA last night on a shopping run, I happened to spot Twilight available on their bookshelves for a mere £4. I was so incredibly tempted to pick it up and see whether it is indeed as bad as I've been told.

Should I pick up Twilight?

Yes, for it is a wonderful glittery thing.
Yes, for the lolz!
What? I've never even heard of this Twilight thing.
No, for it will destroy your very soul!
No, there's plenty of bad fanfic out there for you to read already.
No, No, NO! Why are you even considering this? Idiot.

I suspect The Guardian, as spotted by shapinglight, would be voting for option 6 here.