September 7th, 2008

Snoopy Magneto

Sunday Round up

Few things I've been meaning to mention recently:

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Wondering if viruses can spread from computers to humans now. My computer's back, fixed and fairly bug-free now, but my stomach's been awkward ever since. Hmmm....

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Back just before the major virus onslaught, I posted Six Degrees of Connection over at boosterific, but never got round to posting it elsewhere due to the mentioned problems. Do you think it's too late to post a little mention of this over on writerconuk?

Also, I was thinking about posting it on Twisting the Hellmouth, but don't know how to post images there. Would I be right in assuming it's similar to the LJ way?

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Bonekickers season 2 is definitely official, I'm afraid. My friend the medieval re-enactor got hired as a skilled extra on the show, and has already done at least one days filming. It's not something he or any of the other guys involved are proud of at all, and I know he was praying they'd be allowed full face helmets so none of the other re-enactors on the circuit would recognise them. *grin*

On the plus side, he's actually admitting to doing the same thing for the upcoming Merlin series, so fingers crossed for that show. :)

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And major fingers crossed for next week at work as well. Running one of the sorting machines for the Post Office is all well and good, but with all this rain, the amount of ruined mail I have to pull out of various spots in the Bloody Stupid Johnson designed machine reaches silly levels.

Plus, we still have Boss Who Thinks He Knows Better Than You in charge of my section. *head-desk*