August 17th, 2008

Snoopy Magneto

writerconuk is over alas...

Which means one thing : massive friending frenzy!

So many lovely wonderful people there (even if most of them were Spike shippers :P) that I can't wait to read a lot of their fics/fic recs/Buffyverse comics dissections.

bogwitch came up with some great goodie bags (I now have Faith permanently in my trousers - attached to my keyring, you perverts) and there were some excellent talks on the Saturday by many people; xanpet2000's talk on erotica and gratious Jack/Ianto photos, ningloreth's looking at research, quinara's talk about symbolism and use of motifs to build more atmosphere, shapinglight on characterisation (I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to have to write Spike soon just to see if I actually *can*) and naturally enough speakr2customrs on crossovers.

But it's gonna be kazzy_cee's Icon Creation class that has me both quaking and eager at the same time - thank god she gave us handouts! *grin*

I had a brilliant, brilliant time and met some lovely, wonderful people. And it's always great fun to be able to chat loudly and passionately about various fandom minutia and just not care about what everyone else is thinking.

.... mainly cos they're arguing about even more trivial points. Hee!