April 6th, 2008

DW Cat and Doc

DW 4x01 - Partners In Crime

I want my own Adipose. They = teh cute.

I thought it was a wonderful start to the series - funny, confident, and with a clear direction that they're heading in. Not to mention that surprise as well...

I understand this year's connecting factors are twofold - an Agatha Christie book title being hidden in each episode's dialogue, and something from each episode will end up in the finale. "Partners In Crime" was fairly obvious for the Agatha Christie ref, but the bees reference is certainly puzzling me for the finale.

Solid 8/10 for me, and only not a 9 because I think they'll get better yet.

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Random DW stuff update.

Episode 9 (the second part of Stephen Moffat's two parter) has had its name changed from River Run to Forest of the Dead.

And looks like the time slot will be slipping back to around 7pm again around episodes 5 or 6. Given even David Tennant and Catherine Tate expressed surprise at the time slot on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, to add to RTD's stated objections, not a real surprise. :)
Head-desky [lurker32]

Oh god, not again....

Remember _allecto_ and her feminist rant about Firefly? The one who claimed Joss must rape his wife, and deleted all comments that disagreed with her?

She's back at a new blog, now analysing Firefly's Our Mrs Reynolds.

Expect plenty of WTF she talking about moments.

Classics such as this :
"Now, it is pretty obvious by this point that Saffron has been traded to Mal in exchange for his killing the bad guys. She is a wife in the sense of being a sexual and domestic slave. When Zoe is told that Saffron has been traded to Mal as a wife/slave she begins to laugh. She then calls the rest of the crew and invites them to join her in laughing at Mal’s newly acquired possession. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never met a Black woman who laughs about slavery. I can’t believe that any woman, Black or white would laugh at an incidence of men trading women. Where the hell does Joss Whedon do his research on women????? What women does Joss know that he can portray them like this???? "

Y'know, I kinda thought everyone was laughing at Mal.... silly me.