March 1st, 2008

Boromir shiny

Remix time!

*waves at remixer who I assume might also be looking at this journal*

Hi! Just want to wish you luck and hope you enjoy the whole remix experience. Just want to assure you I will not be upset at all about whatever you choose to do with my fics, whether you run them through a blender at high speed or lovingly explore the side alley of various interactions and areas of sheer imagination I never got around to. Part of the reason I loved Remixing last year was the whole different way I had to think - to get inside someone else's story, and write it from a new perspective, yet keeping the same events and storyline. It's gonna be a fun trip again this year - hope it's just as good for you too!

Got my remixee notification today, and am happily pleased - it'll be fun to see if I pull this off especially as I respect this person's work, and given I now currently associate them with one fandom in particular, I think I'm gonna enjoy this. *grin* Now to spend the rest of the weekend reading their fic. It's a tough life at times... :P

Remix Redux - possibly the ultimate in feedback.