February 24th, 2008

Snoopy Magneto

Getting back on the fic horse

Actually wrote a drabble today, which was most surprising. Woke up with it running around in my head, complete with punchline.

May even work on a Torchwood thing later. Although, was slightly annoyed earlier this week with regard to Torchwood fic - been meaning for a year or so to write a short fic fanwanking how Tosh's appearence in DW 1.04 Aliens of London was in fact her, and she'd been demoted down to Cardiff from Torchwood 1 because she fucked that whole situation up so badly. Now it turns out Torchwood season 2 will be doing a flashback episode to show how the whole team was recruited.

Memo of this story? You can't be Joss-ed if you haven't written the damn story in the first place.

Speaking of which, signed up for Remix/Redux 6 (hopefully). I suspect I may just have crawled in under the deadline, but again my own fault for forgetting to sign up before this.