January 25th, 2008

Snoopy Magneto

So many wanks, so little time...

Not only have I missed the great Cassie Edwards plagiarism scandal (honestly, who the hell nicks stuff from so many classics and doesn't expect to get caught? She even apparently even plagiarised an author's note in one of her books!), but the Doctor Who fic archiveTeaspoon and an Open Mind has also been undergoing quite the storm after the changing of the mods led to some policy changes.

And now sadly it looks like caliga_rpg is erupting. To my friends and members of the flist involved, I'm sorry to hear that things have blown up so much, and I hope nothing too serious has been said or done. If you're not having fun anymore, maybe it's time to step back a touch.

*huggles* to everyone mixed up in it.
Wes Grr Argh


Okay, what the hell is up with LJ this time?

I'm not getting replies in the order they're written, or even within a couple of hours. And I just got logged out of LJ and had to remember my password for the first time in literally years.