December 24th, 2007

Booster Stylish

Almost there!

It's Christmas Eve and I'm not working today! Sucks for the rest of the crew that have to come in today, but twas their choice. Personally, given I have to get myself over to my parents for Christmas every year, it always seems a lot more logical to make sure I have this day off each year.

So anyway, I'll be off at their house for the next few days, so I suspect my LJ posting habits might actually increase for once (obviously because I have more few non-work time, not desperately trying to escape, oh no). Merry Christmas to everyone on my flist!!! *huggles flist*

Oh, and thanks for the wonderful card empressvesica! Guess we'll have to do a combo X-mas/New Year catch-up call next week sometime. *grin*