October 8th, 2007

Faith cry

Trust/Touch - Buffyverse/X-Men crossover - Faith/Rogue

Title: Trust/Touch
Rating: 15
Characters: Faith/Rogue
Word count: 1366
Disclaimer: Neither character belong to mah. Ah’m just borrowing them for a little while.
Summary: Not many people ever got to see the insecure girl behind the brash front. But sometimes you just had to reach out and trust someone.

Author's Notes: No idea where this came from, but Ah may have been inspired by reading a particularly good BtVS/X-Men cross.

(’This time Rogue,’ said Faith gently, ‘Touch me.’)
Snoopy Magneto

Life/Location update

Back at home with the Parental Units for a couple of day's R & R, so not much net access while I'm here. Sarcastic comments will be resumed at a later date. :P

~ + ~

Nice to get back to the old town where I grew up, even if I do spend absolutely ages going "Hey, where did ______ go?!? Who built yet more houses there? What do you mean, _____ closed!?!?" Change is ever a constant, even if somehow you're not expecting your childhood to actually be affected. Kinda weird, seeing the street layout still the same, loads of places still the same as they ever were, and yet massive changes over the years. It's like almost constantly sliding between alternate states of existance within a few feet of each other. And all with the nagging feeling that maybe it's just your memory that's off, and that everything you sought is just around that corner there instead.

Most strange. In several ways, I suspect I'd have been better off with a total change of layout to avoid the familiar constantly firing my neurons into activity.

~ + ~

And yes, we're still striking on Monday and Tuesday over here as far as I know. The union's stepped up to 48 hour strikes now, but I really think it's gonna back-fire on them. Already I've heard tales of passing motorists honking at the picket line and yelling at them to get back to work. *sigh*