July 23rd, 2007

Snoopy Magneto

More flood stuff

Posting this from work, as my home internet conection is once again not actually there - best guess being that the server station is flooded again, or possibly the power supply to it.

So, in the middle of great big floods of water everywhere around us, we good people of Gloucestershire are in the middle of a drought. We have no water coming into our homes. Fortunately, there was some warning given allowing us to get some water supplies down (saucepans, various bottles and kettles, etc) and the local shops have sold out of bottled water.

Why? The local water treatment plant has been flooded, and they don't think they'll be able to get in until Wednesday at the moment.

Personally, the flooding hasn't reached me yet, so I'm very fortunate. Some areas of Gloucester have neither water or power, and roads are still flooded. Last I heard the river's height was only three inches away from the top of the flood defenses, so things could yet get very interesting.

It's not so much the rain any more (thankfully, the main deluge stopped and there's only a smallm drizzle at the moment) but the water coming down from the mountains and into the river Severn. Some places are definitely worse off - just google Tewkesbury for one.

Anyhow, I'm okay right now. Hopefully further updates will be forthcoming.