July 18th, 2007

HP Fucking serious

Harry Potter Spoilers

Personally, I'm not going anywhere within a thousand miles of anything that might even be considered a spoiler, and refusing to click on any links. It sounds like there's a million different other 'spoilers' or wacked out pet theories as I call 'em floating around the net, so I think that's the best strategy.

However, Friday night after I've bought my copy is completely different. The last two books, I've been able to buy them at midnight in the UK, rush home and finish reading them by around 4am here. Which, given the time zones, puts me at about 11pm West coast time.

Yes, I will be around to spoil you if asked.

Not to mention, I might well run a lj cut spoiler post/running blog as well. *grin* Sound reasonable to everyone?