June 13th, 2007

Head-desky [lurker32]

Don't lock at me....

Locksmiths are scary.

Really, really scary.

Hypothetically, if someone had rushed out to work, gotten all the way there and tried to put their coat in their locker before realising they had no flipping idea where their keys were, the hypothetical panicking person in question would have no choice at all in calling a locksmith, would they? Especially considering the hypothetical person's parents with the spare set of keys were off in another hypothetical country.

Hypothetically again, if this person had waited around with their neighbour for said hypothetical locksmith to arrive for a hour and a half, only to see the afore-mentioned hypothetical locksmith open the door in 10 seconds with a piece of cardboard, you'd surely expect the hypothetical person to be a little disturbed and worried, right?

But of course, all this is totally hypothetical, and no-one would ever admit to this happening to them due to the extreme embarrassment of it all. Would they?

And in amazingly unrelated news, it's the thirteenth today, I note. Figures.