May 30th, 2007

Head-desky [lurker32]


liz_marcs wins the internet. Or really, really should.

She sums up and takes on the whole Warriors For Innocence mess that's currently affecting LiveJournal. The current purge of communities and people? They're behind it. And that is including fictional characters over in RPG Journals. Watch your user interests carefully, people. :(

Information : here

Their response : here

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On a slightly more cheerful note, I got round to reposting Safety First!, a Farscape ficlet over at boosterific this morning. John Crichton re-discovers the worst person to be stuck in space with.
Snoopy Magneto


I've gone ahead and signed up over at Greatestjournal as booster17, following the example of invisionary. No intention of moving over there at all (assuming the whole Strikeout07 mess calms down eventually), but it's always best to lock down your normal username just in case.

I can be currently found at . Anyone else already over there once I figure out how to add people to the flist?