May 18th, 2007


Friday Lyrics Quiz!

A slight change from normal this time. All lyrics are famous misheard lyrics. I'll be needing song name, singer and a fair stab at the original lyrics for the full three point experience.

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All comments hidden for at least 24 hours to hide your embarassment. *grin*

Update: Everyone seems to have guessed 7 correctly so far :) And yes, they do get harder towards the end of the list.

speakr2customrs : 30!
southerndave : 22 2728
uninvitedcat : 22
mynuet : 21
brendan720 : 21
shehasathree : 14
lyells : 12
lea_hazel : 12
elementalv : 3
foenix : 1
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People are crazy

*stares in mild disbelief*

Somehow zulu's excellent, excellent House/Kushiel's Dart crossover Love As Thou Wilt has, on an odd rebound sort of way, caused a big blow-up/kerfuffle that's made it all the way to Fandom_wank.

Because having an idea two years ago and never writing it means no-one else should touch it either, apparently.

Much love and support to the talented zulu. Much hiding and backing away from everyone else involved.