May 17th, 2007

Snoopy Magneto


DVD Deal of the Week : Found Roswell season one box set for only £7.00 in one second hand shop. That'll do nicely.

I am such a sucker for season box sets.
Boromir shiny

Give me your Heroes theories....!

Okay, with only one episode left to go, hit me with your weirdest, wackiest predictions for what's going to happen next week. Who's gonna die, who's going to get depowered, who's going to make a re-appearence, who's going to blow up New York and even if they're going to.

Give me your best guesses, your most cracked out ideas, the most incredible plot twists, the parings you need to see explored, or even your most desperate wishes to occur.

And lets see who ends up closest. *grin*