May 16th, 2007

VM - Gone Fishing

I obviously need a heroes icon

So, some thoughts about Monday's Landslide.

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Incidentally, I'm three episodes into Veronica Mars season 3, and not that impressed so far. Veronica's not the most sympathic character at the moment, and I'm not totally sure why. I'm missing a big season long mystery certainly (unless the rapist is meant to be it), and the Mysteries of the Week, although occasionally fun, don't seem to have much connection thematically with VM's life.

On the whole, I think VM works best when it's intensely personal for Veronica and she's driven. Starting out now, fairly happily settled down with Logan feels odd - those two work best as star-crossed lovers, so domestic bliss is weird. Hopefully it improve, right?

Oh, and is there any reason why ep 3x10 is so hard to find anywhere? Been stuck on 20.2% for a week now on the only torrent I can find anywhere....