May 12th, 2007

Snoopy Magneto


Ah, Eurovision... never, ever change.

You just don't get this level of entertainment anywhere else. As Terry Wogan said, you just don't get two men walking across the snow in furcoats, underpants and an accordian before throwing themselves into a hot spring.

So far, I rather liked Belarus.

The Finish singer looks like she wants to rip out the spines of any man near her. Leave Me Alone indeed.

Oh god... the girl in the pink dress basically demanding to know where the camera is and wanting to present. Wogan : "What a delightful spontantanous moment." You could practically hear his eyes rolling.

Slovenia's corset is.... interesting. I suspect my goth friend will regret missing it. :P

Hungry appears to have gone the other extreme from Slovenia. Both song-wise and most definitely costume-wise - literally looking like they've just got off the bus.

These really are very odd representations of Finland - bog football and computer shows?!?!

Greece is very kitch - and exactly what you think Eurovision is all about. Wogan on the dancers: "Plenty of thrusting."

Sweden has gone back to the 70's. Imagine a cross between T Rex and Abba.

The commercial break with Cisse!!!! Oh my god... kill her now.

One of the French singers has a cat stapled to his shoulder. Wogan : "Gosh, wasn't that awful?"

Attempted live blogging abandoned, and left to passing snarky comments back and forth with curiouswombat in the comments.