February 21st, 2007

Snoopy Magneto

Nice way to wake up


I Really Don't Like Mondays has been nominated for Best POV and Best Characterization (Angel) at the Wanton Folly Awards! (wanton_folly)

*little squee* They like me, they really like me! :P

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Yesterday, over at boosterific I posted/re-posted Other Surnames That Dawn Never Had. It originally started out as a Ten Things... drabble set (which some of you might remember from when I first posted it), but it's such a lovely, simple idea that I just couldn't resist going back to it every now and then, and writing another piece. So the third set of drabbles is all new to LJ.

Some crossovers are obvious, some not so (I made her related to Miss Piggy for gawd's sake! :P), but they've always been great fun to write and conceive.

Any requests?

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So, two weeks ago I did a lyrics quiz, and then promptly forgot to put the answers up.
*slaps self*

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