January 1st, 2007

Hermione - Know everything

Just getting ready for next December....

Nearly every single year, there is a meme that goes around LiveJournal at the end of that calendar year which requires the user to post the first sentence posted in each month to get a good overall picture of the entire year (this has occurred for at least the last two years that I am aware of) and it occurred to me after empressvesica was such a smartie-pants about it last year, to post one long, complex, correctly punctuated and involved sentence, with as many words as I could endeavour to fit into it, in order to do the same in approximately twelve months time, all without making the sentence too preposterous in construction.

115 words. Not bad. *grin*
Snoopy Magneto

Buffy season 8

I may have mentioned the upcoming Dark Horse comic series : Buffy season 8 before, or I may not. Can I interest you in it?

It IS written by Joss, after all.

The first five pages can be found here

And they've already ret-conned "The Girl In Question" - that wasn't Buffy dating The Immortal apparently. *happy grin*