November 22nd, 2006

Snoopy Magneto

Yet more stuff

HAPPY BIRTHDAY elementalv!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great day!!!!

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A link for the female and non-traditional male fans of David Tennant. WARNING : may cause uncontrollable drooling.

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Thanks to everyone for their comments on the poll. I'll keep plugging the new stuff in this LJ as well, as that seemed to be the most popular option. Like, for example, drabbles 10 - 13 of Very Good Friends Come Up With Alibi's. *whistles innocently*

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Re : Amazing Race. Whereas I am sorry empressvesica's eye candy has gone, it's a RACE. Not The Amazing Wait Around, Drive Slowly Over Here, Ask For Directions, Wait, Walk, Ask, Rinse, Repeat Race. And the Bama Moms going "The Cho's need to learn to run their own race" when they've been following the Cho's for the last three legs straight? GAH. They must go.

Though I'm still predicting the Beauty Queens will screw up at some point by not reading the clue properly, they are doing damn well. At the moment, I care not who wins as long as it isn't Team Alabama.