September 26th, 2006

Snoopy Magneto

*sticks head up*

Slowly making my way back to LJ, and (relative) normalcy.

Basically, coming to the conclusion that life sucks, will continue to suck for a while longer, and there ain't anything I can particularly do to hurry that along. That said, why not try to get back to things as normal as I can?

So, anything really big I've missed?
Snoopy Magneto

Oh yeah....

While I'm passing, I really should mention boosterific.

Yes, I succumbed a while back to setting up a separate writing journal. Of course, I haven't actually written anything at all since then, but I am using it to repost and archive all my old fics in one place. It's slowly being added to, and hopefully one day it'll have all new stuff appearing in there.