September 7th, 2006

Head-desky [lurker32]

Not dead yet....

...despite work trying.

Kinda way heavy mail volumes hitting us at the moment, and hitting us hard. No idea why, or just how come it's so bad. Generally, on an average day, both sorting machine will do 100,000 letters over the whole shift. On the last three hours of Monday's shift, we did 106K alone. And that was before the divert came in from the striking Exeter offices. *head-desk*

Tuesday - shorter hours, bound to be better right? Wrong. We actually did 149 more letters than on the Monday. Exeter's now four day old mail? Still not able to be touched as we just don't have the time. Because we had no choice in taking it (all Exeter and the surrounding area's mail is being shipped out across the country to various sites who have do not get the option to refuse), we can concentrate on our mail first, as that's what we get judged on. Still, really doesn't help when you find 4 day old Special Delivery buried in the ordinary mail when we got to it today.

So, work's fun. Very tiring, and did I mention the nine people off from our section on various illnesses and holidays? No? Anyone wants me, I'll be over in the corner sobbing gently...

So, that's one reason I haven't been around as much recently. I owe a lot of people a lot of responses and there must be a tonne of stuff to catch up on. Seeya all again soon.