April 28th, 2006

Snoopy Magneto

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Quick reminder to all my US flist that Doctor Who 1x08 - "Father's Day" airs tonight on Sci-Fi. Trust me on this - do not miss this one. Just like 'Dalek' from two weeks back, this one has also been nominated for a Hugo Award and is one of the highlights of season one.

And while I think of it....
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BSG Family

*cognative disonance*

Jamie Bamber's playing poker on one of the cable channels right now. He looks and sounds SO different from Apollo. Scruffy hair, slightly unshaven, shirt slightly unbuttoned down his chest.... I swear wildecate would combust watching this.

With David Tennant's Scottish accent last week, and this now and Lucy Lawless in BSG switching accents around, my head is sorely confused.