March 16th, 2006

Hermione - Know everything

Quick mental agility tests

1) The time is 19 minutes to the hour. Without looking at a clock, place the following in order reading anti-clockwise from the minute hand: II XI IX III (one point)

2) Count the number of times the letter "f" appears in this sentence. You must count them just once and not recheck your answer. (two points)
"Emphatically famous frauds are the cause of many hours of frenzied yet fruitful scientific police research combined with the experience of years."

3) Frank's mum had three children. The first was named June, the second was called May. What was the third child's name? (one point)

4) Why are the following words in that particular order? (one point)
Idea, Knob, Epic, Hard, Rare, Wolf, Sing, Inch

5) What is the connection between the following sets of words? (one point)
Nomad Ride
Melon Done
Prom Echo
Chop Arising

6) You cut a thick piece of wood into 12 equal pieces, and stack them in two piles of six. You then find you have three piles of wood. Why? (one point)

7) Under any circumstances is it ever possible for a man to marry his widow's daughter? (one point)

Answers will be screened to protect teh dumb the innocent.

Leaderboard (out of eight):
gianfared : 5 7 8 points
southerndave : 7 points
luricanson : 4 5 6 points
absolut_jmo : 5 6 points
thedivinegoat : 5 points
ffutures : 5 points
uninvitedcat : 5 points
tyger_raven : 5 points
tefkas : 4 points
gilathief : 3 4 points
jedibuttercup : 3 points (but very, very close on number 6)
_ashestobeauty_ : 3 points
ink_addict : 3 points
larinzia : 2 points

Both ffutures, uninvitedcat and tyger_raven came up with a different answer to number 7 than I had but, in fairness, does work. *sulks*
WARNING - Any answer involving 'legally dead' for number 7 is not getting any points.
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