February 1st, 2006

Head-desky [lurker32]

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Bad way to start the working day : having the local paper running a front page story reporting that the place you work is going to close in six weeks.

I don't think I like 2006 so far.
Snoopy Magneto

People I'd like to slap

The main one being the local paper reporter who cannot tell the difference between "sorting office closing" and "Delivery section being moved out". In short, my job is safe.

It looks like the local paper asked the union guy for a quote regarding the last part of the Delivery Section moving out to one of our sub-offices. This would not lose any jobs, just transfer them. And incidentally, how their leaving in April became 6 weeks away.... I have no idea. She seems to have taken his vague quote and panicked it all up into the main office closing. We all knew about the Delivery section moving out, becuase that would have freed up a nice lot of space for us in Processing.

So, to reiterate: my job's safe, and everyone's fine (if a little stressed).

The other people I'd like to slap by the way is management, who quite apart from the half assed reassurances of simply photocopying the front page and adding "This does not apply to the Mail Centre", apparently subscribe to the Jo Moore school of news management. Trying to bring in certain working practise changes while everyone is distracted is not good.