October 10th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto


Just a short note to let everyone know the Empress and I are back safely after the last couple of days worth of trips. Georgia was lovely, the trolley tour round Savanah was fascinating and both leaper182 and mynuet are sweeties.

hjcallipygian is also just as pleasent in real life as he is on lj, and also has an alarmingly good taste in rpgs. Now I have to hunt down a copy of Shadow Hearts when I return to the UK. Grrrr... Anyhow, the Jags / Bengals was an excellent one to watch : tight, tense and if you ignore the shouting morons two rows behind us, a great game to watch. Admittally I had the Jags Defense in my fantasy league, but no way I wasn't going to cheer for the home team. ;)

So, summation; still alive, heading off on the road again in half an hour and off to meet the delectible sweetjane_69. *looks at flist and wants to cry* So much to read and get up to date with....
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