September 25th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Serenity art give-away

Adam Hughes wants to get people to see "Serenity," for which he's doing the cover for the collected TPB that bridges the gap between the "Firefly" TV series and the new movie. So he's giving away free artwork to one person who sees the movie in its opening weekend.

If you're in the US, see it on the weekend starting September the 30th, keep the ticket stub and send it in with your name on the back and your name, address and e-mail address on an accompanying piece of paper. All the stubs will be entered into a draw for a fully finished piece of art.

PO BOX 190823
ATLANTA, GA 31119-0823

The contest will be extended to other countries with different release dates, with two draws, one for UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy, mailed in no later than November 7th. And a second round for Mexico, Sweden, Argentina, Hungary, Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland (German speaking region), Finland, Norway, Turkey and Peru, no later than January 7th.