September 24th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Holiday update

I have tickets!

Tickets clutched firmly in one hand, and the OMG-this-is-really-going-to-happen feeling. Which I know is premature, but still... Tried checking on the application progress, but the phone line number I have is only for Monday to Friday, so I suspect come Monday morning, I'll have them on speed-dial.

Checked on the chances of refunds/changing dates when I picked up the tickets, but that's no go. Looks like tickets are so rigid nowadays in their being locked into certain times and places, that changes are impossible. The lady at the travel desk did say that I could get my tax back.... all sixty quid of it. *insert deeply sarcastic 'Woo' here*

But overall, still fairly optimistic at present. Thanks for all your support and good wishes, all.
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The Apprentice

I have a guilty secret.

I'm addicted to The Apprentice.

I accidentally caught half of one of the UK's version (starring Sir Alan Sugar, btw) and became hooked from that point on. Unfortunately, I'd come in halfway through the series and didn't get to see all the fun and games that had occurred before. Then the blessed BBC began to run Donald Trump's Apprentice season 2 from the start.

Brand. New. Addiction.

And we're not talking watching Trump's hair to see when it moves (it's obviously a tribble, people!). Oh no... this time I get to see Stacie going insane with a magic 8-ball, Bradford giving up immunity in one of the most bone-headed ideas ever, the incredibly short, annoying and irritating Stacy getting fired, and Raj managing to turn a four bedroom house into a three bedroom house while expecting the value to go up. Truly beautiful sights to behold and marvel at.

And now there's Martha Stewart : The Apprentice. Glory be! There is a God of Television.