September 7th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Fic : Divide and Conquer (15, Buffyverse)

The lovely hjcallipygian made an offer today; to provide feedback on whatever piece of your work (be it fic, art, a particularly fine piece of ranting, or whatever) that you personally had sweated blood and tears over, thought was excellent, yet never got properly appreciated or somehow overlooked. My thoughts immediately jumped to this short fic, and I realised that I'd never actually put it up on LJ.

Which, logically, might help.

Thus, without further ado, I present a tale from Season seven of Buffy, and featuring everyone's favourite rat...

Title : Divide and Conquer
Rating : 15
Setting : One night during Buffy season 7.
Summary : Amy’s got some thinking to do, and a hard decision to make.
Disclaimer : Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

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Snoopy Magneto

Random stuff

I came across this quote from Grant Morrison the other day :
"We’d counted on her to recover from the initial jolt fairly quickly but we failed to anticipate the possibility that Her Majesty the Queen might be armed and an expert markswoman."

And now I'm dying to find out where from. It's the sort of quote that just sends your mind soaring off into the realms of imagination.

Huggles go out to the following:
gianfared - you know why.
ink_addict - get better soon!
tthjinni - who won't read this, but is netherless hopefully in Dallas and getting her new place set up now.
mynuet - you really didn't have to do that, y'know. *semi-glares at you*
empressvesica - for proving that text messages can brighten up one's day immensely.

Every now and then you come across something completely mind-boggling.

The Rap/HipHop Phil Collins tribute album.

Old Dirty Bastard sings Sussudio.

And the splendifferous liz_marcs needs to take a bow, for going above and beyond the call of duty in writing her ficathon assignment for me. Parts one and two of The Acme Heartbreak Repair Kit are up and incredibly absorbing. Hee!

24 days and counting! *squee*