September 6th, 2005

Head-desky [lurker32]


Went from about ten percent awake/ninety percent fast asleep to wide, wide awake this morning when I stretched out in bed and seem to pull a muscle in my leg. Still no idea exactly what I did, but suddenly finding yourself desperately trying to hold your leg to stop it from hurting while trying to stretch it back somehow - well, that's certainly one way to wake up. Coffee is so much more civilised.

Limped around a bit, and discovered that even putting my weight on it hurt like the devil as well, so I decided not to go into work today, as my job involves mainly standing up, walking around a small area for about seven of the eight hours involved.

Naturally enough, now it's starting to feel better. I'm not sure just how much of that is due to being off my feet for the last couple of hours, or whether it is actually getting better. Choices, choices....
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