August 5th, 2005


Fantasy Football League appeal

As reminded by gianfared, we're still looking for more people to join up.

This year the league's theme is "The Hogwarts Cup" and all teams must be Harry Potter related. My team is named "Snapes Sneakers", the commish's team is Lockhart's Charmers, selinakyle47's team is The Death Eaters, and Mrs. Weasley's Howlers is also lurking around. I understand gianfared to be probably Fred & George's Jarveys.

Anyone interested in joining an American football fantasy league? *also flutters eyelashes*

Awwwww... c'mon...
Snoopy Magneto

Lyrics quiz wot I have been promising

Standard rules - twenty-five songs, one point per artist, one point per song title.

I'm trying something different this time, and that's keeping everyone's replies private until I get back from work. That should give everyone a chance to puzzle over all the lyrics all day long. *evil grin*

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Happy ponderings!
Snoopy Magneto

Lyrics quiz standings so far

Evening all.

This morning's Lyrics quiz was fun.

Current standings:
cliodnahpfan : 37 points
speakr2customrs : 22 points Now up to 30 points, and sole possession of second place.
gianfared : 22 points 26 points!
empressvesica : 22 points
hardlyfatal : 20 points
foxfire74 : 16 points
southerndave : 14 points 16 points
mynuet : 14 points
gilathief : 10 points
norwegianne : 8 points New Entry
brendanm720 : 8 points
uninvitedcat : 7 points
tyger_raven : 6 points New Entry
shehasathree : 4 points
desoto_hia873 : 4 points

Bit of a clump there in second place. :D
Still time to add more answers - or enter for the first time! Answers and a final score tomorrow.