July 15th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

The Veronica Mars Balloon poll - round five

Eeeep! This is getting really nasty now.

Round I : Madison Sinclair
Round II : Meg Manning
Round III : Duncan Kane
Round IV : Logan Echolls

"Alas, poor Duncan," remarked Logan flippently, "I knew him so well. So which of our fine, fair and lovely bunch of coconuts shall we toss out of the basket next?"

He turned, and bowed low into front of Keith Mars, "Perhaps the slightly overweight and chubby Mr Mars? All those donuts on stakeout coming back to haunt you?"

"The overly muscled Weevil whose leather jacket alone should buy us all another minute of flying time?" Weevil snarled and went to punch him, but was stopped by Keith Mars who merely frowned.

Pausing by Mac for a moment, Logan stopped. "Remind me, who were you again?" he said, before moving onto Wallace. "Ahhh, the ever-reliable and obviously disposable sidekick. Come now, let us sacrifice you for the glory of us all. That, and another few minutes together for the rest of us."

"Logan. Enough." said Veronice fiercely, arms folded aand quite annoyed. "You've made your points."

Logan clutched at his chest. "Et tu, Veronica Mars? Oh, I am sorely wounded at this."

He clambered up onto the side of the basket, and stood there, hair whipping about in the breeze. "Wonder if Mom felt like this, staring down into the waves below. Mind you, the alcohol and pills probably helped there." He glanced up at the rest of them, face suddenly serious.

"I'll make it easy for you," he said clearly and distinctly, "Just... just remember I wasn't all jackass, okay?" And with that, he was gone.

Poll #532929 The Veronica Mars Balloon poll, Round V

Mac sighed. "Enjoyable as that was, it's still not working. We're still drifting downwards."

Keith Mars
Veronica Mars
Wallace Fennell