July 11th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

The Veronica Mars Balloon poll - round three

Round I : Madison Sinclair
Round II : Meg Manning

After another brief round of appalled looking at each other, Logan gave his trademark psychotic grin. "Okay, once you've thrown the first person out, it suddenly becomes so much easier to even think about the next one. Seeya Weevil, old bud."

Weevil bristled and squared up to Logan. "Listen asshole, once we dump that dense waste of space you and your 09er buddies take up, this balloon will shoot straight up."

Duncan stepped in between the two and shoved Weevil in his chest. "Like you or Wallace actually bring anything to this."

Wallace's head shot up. "Now why you got to bring me into all this? You got my vote to go diving, jock-boy."

"Well, logically, Mr Mars weighs the most," added Mac to the disbelief of a shocked Veronica.

"Stop it! Stop it!" screamed a voice from the side. Everyone paused and looked; Meg was standing on the side of the basket, clasping one strut. Hair blowing about, she looked extremely pissed. "I don't care! We can't go on like this or we'll all die, and I refuse to be part of this.. this... barbaric choosing."

"Meg?" asked Duncan gently, stepping towards her.

Meg's eyes flashed. "And don't get me started, Mr-I'm-still-in-love-with-my-ex!" Duncan flushed. Oddly enough, so did Veronica.

"There is no way I'm going out like Madison," frowned Meg. "I'm leaving with a little more class than that. Good luck to you all, and don't forget me." And with that, she leaned backwards, and deliberately let go of the strut.

Logan pursed his lips as they all waited for the splash. "Oooo yeah.. class all the way, baby."

Poll #530047 The Veronica Mars Balloon poll, Round III

"We're still falling," observed Keith Mars, offhandedly. He didn't look very happy.

Duncan Kane
Logan Echolls
Keith Mars
Veronica Mars
Wallace Fennell